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Social Goal in the community of San Ignacio, Francisco Morazán

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Saving Groups in Covid Times

The savings group is called My Blessing, belonging to the community of San Ignacio, the group is composed of 28 members, who say they get along very well. As a group they share their problems and concerns, they like how they help each other when they take out loans.

This is their fourth cycle and thank God with their savings they have been able to solve different problems and needs in their home as well as they have been able to buy different appliances such as refrigerators, televisions and sound equipment, they are very happy to be able to integrate this savings group with education.

The savings groups with education meet every week but due to the covid-19 situation many are not meeting or are just leaving the savings. Savings groups must also achieve a social goal each cycle as an objective of the program.

As a group they decided in this cycle that their social goal will be focused on humanitarian aid in their community, many people are going through a very bad situation due to the pandemic and as a group they thought it would be good to help families of scarce and thus support in some way to the community.

They decided that on this occasion give bags of food to three families, perhaps many see it little but in these times of crisis ́for them it is of great help, they feel very proud of the work they did and this motivates them to continue doing more for others who need them more than them, many of the same members could need them but see that they think that as a group they can do more for themselves community.

As an institution we are happy because we can see in this situation that many of us are suffering for different reasons, seeing that these groups are not only thinking about them but about the most needy in their community without expecting anything change, gives us a lot of satisfaction because we can see that the program is fulfilling its objectives of empowering the groups where most of them are women and girls.

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